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  • HP 564XL Yellow Ink Cartridge by Pfeiffer Product

At Pfeiffer, we believe in supplying high-quality inks at an affordable price, across popular printer brands and makes. This Pfeiffer compatible ink cartridge is just that – fully compatible. It works exactly like a HP 564XL Yellow. Plus, we have increased the ink level, so you can print more and save even more.

You get a totally new, fully compatible cartridge with high-quality Swiss manufactured ink. These inks have superior vibrancy and performance and are completely non-toxic. All Pfeiffer ink cartridges are fully guaranteed. We use high-tech, UV resistant, and oxygen proof bags to keep your inks 'factory fresh' for 2 years.

Key Features

  • 100% compatible with HP 564XL Yellow
  • Brand new Pfeiffer Ink Cartridge, filled with high-quality Swiss ink
  • UV resistant, and oxygen proof bag to keep your ink ‘factory fresh’ for 2 years
  • Pfeiffer Give Back: part of the proceeds of this sale will go towards protecting endangered species

Package Contents

  • 1 Ink Cartridge, Y (Yellow)


Product Type
Ink Level Indication
Cartridge Family
Search Code
H564XL Yellow
Printer Brand
OEM Part Number
564XL Yellow
OEM Additional Part No
Lower Capacity OEM Equivalent
564 Yellow
12 ml
Pfeiffer Yield
830 pages
OEM Yield
750 pages

Compatible Printers