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  • What are Pfeiffer core products?

    Pfeiffer’s history is intoxicatingly rich with binding and lamination knowledge and experience – we practically invented binding, so you’ll find a broad range of Binding and Laminating machines and supplies that fit most offices or home needs. We also have added a special value to each product, something called Pfeiffer PLUS. It’s like being a global celebrity - always getting something for nothing. Something extra, extra value or extra product or simply, extra thought! Now that’s extra good.

  • What makes Pfeiffer products special?

    We think we have created a unique blend of experience and focus that results in products that are high quality at extremely great prices! Add in the Pfeiffer PLUS and you have truly found a special product.

  • When was Pfeiffer founded?

    Pfeiffer was founded in Zürich, Switzerland in 1908, by Jakob Friedrich Pfeiffer