Writing Instruments

  • Does the Pfeiffer Fineliner have a ceramic ball?

    No - the Pfeiffer Fineliner has a precisely engineered plastic tip which delivers a consistently precise line.

  • How are Pfeiffer uWrite Gel and Fineliner pens and their refills good for the environment?

    Every year more than 20,000 tonnes of toxic metals are added to landfills around the world when pens are thrown away. Pfeiffer uWrite Gel and Fineliner pens are good for the environment because they are completely metal free and refillable. Pfeiffer high capacity refills are 100% fully recyclable and are fitted in seconds for an instant new pen instead of adding to landfill.

  • How do Pfeiffer uWrite Gel pens write so smoothly?

    The combination of the ceramic ball in a polymer tip and the viscosity of the German ink allows Pfeiffer uWrite Gel pens to deliver a super smooth writing experience.

  • How long will the Pfeiffer uWrite pens last for?

    The Pfeiffer uWrite pens are designed to outlast all your other pens. Each Gel pen contains a refill which writes for 1000 metres. The Pfeiffer Fineliner refills will write for 800 metres. When your Pfeiffer uWrite pen eventually runs out of ink then a new Pfeiffer GIANT refill can be fitted in seconds for an instant new pen. Don’t forget to recycle the empty refill which is made from one class of PP material and can be recycled as a whole.

  • Is there anything to remember about Pfeiffer uWrite pens?

    The only thing to remember about Pfeiffer uWrite pens is not to lend them to anyone. They are so good that you never get them back!

  • What is a Fineliner pen?

    Fineliners are a class of fine fibre or plastic tip pens. Fineliners are typically used for graphic, drawing and sketching purposes but some users prefer the fineliner tip also when writing by hand. Fineliners are also a popular tool used in adult colouring.

  • What is dye based ink?

    Dye based inks contain chemical dyes dissolved in water. Dyes are water soluble so therefore these inks are not waterproof. Fountain pen inks are most often dye based.

  • What is pigment based ink?

    Pigment based inks contain insoluble particles, such as carbon or mica, suspended in liquid. These particles become embedded in the paper as the ink dries, and as a result, most pigment based inks are highly waterproof and lightfast. They are also sometimes called carbon inks or nano inks.

  • What is so special about the Pfeiffer Gel ink?

    The ink inside the Pfeiffer Gel pens is an ultra-quick-drying ink which is great for left-handed users. It is made in Germany and has been chosen for its outstanding brilliance and viscosity.

  • What is the refill of the Pfeiffer uWrite series made from?

    All Pfeiffer uWrite refills are free from metal parts and are made from PP (Polypropylene). Pfeiffer refills are the only refills that can be recycled as a whole as the entire refill is made from a single recycling category.

  • What makes Pfeiffer uWrite Gel pens so unique?

    The technology behind the unique Pfeiffer uWrite Gel pens was invented by a Swiss engineer and combines a medical grade ceramic ball in a polymer tip to deliver a super smooth writing experience.

  • What type of ink is in Pfeiffer uWrite Gel Pens?

    Pfeiffer Gel pens contain a dye-based ink mixed in a water-based gel which is made for Pfeiffer in Germany. It has a high viscosity and is well balanced between being quick-drying and super smooth-flowing.

  • Why choose Pfeiffer Gel Ink?

    Pfeiffer Gel Ink is an ultra-quick-drying gel ink which is made for Pfeiffer in Germany. It has outstanding brilliance and viscosity and lifts the enjoyment and the quality of your everyday work. We think it’s like writing with melted Swiss chocolate!

  • Why does the Pfeiffer uWrite barrel feel so good to hold and write with?

    The Pfeiffer ABS barrel has been coated with the latest eco-friendly soft-touch coating which offers a unique haptic experience. Plus, it’s fingerprint resistant.